Scemtovici & Benowitz

Str. Jean Louis Calderon 34, București
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With Dan Basu
Curated by Ioana Marinescu
Scemtovici & Benowitz Gallery presents INK, Dan Basu's first solo show curated by Ioana Marinescu

Tell us about Scemtovici & Benowitz.

Scemtovici & Benowitz Gallery opens the doors of an early 20th century house, transformed into a contemporary art gallery. Scemtovici & Benowitz Gallery is the creative space of the present age, with spearheads thrown into the future, a nursery for young creators and a useful laboratory for observing what was created before us and laid the foundations for what we are today. In the midst of the (dis)order of post-disciplinarity and eclecticism within art forms, in the space of our (meta)gallery for contemporary creation, we want to link good taste with boldness, to host artists who challenge the truths, to open (new) paths for some unjustly forgotten by workshops, as well as for the established. We are living through a colourful time with plagues, wars, energy crises, new beliefs and mythologies with one foot in the future. "All is old and all is new" and because this is part of our belief, we will try to match in one place the romanticism, the loneliness of the demiurge artist who like Caspar David Friedrich's "Wanderer" observes the skies and the self, the postmodernism of (de)constructions, actualities, concepts, architectures and structures of the present arts. Adding to current ideas the traditions of art, we want a dialogue in the heart of contemporary sensibilities in the age of post-truth and false information.

What do you have upcoming?

Dan Basu's first solo exhibition entitled INK, curated by Ioana Marinescu is being showcased at Scemtovici & Benowitz Gallery. It is marking a moment of synthesis by underlining the most significant works created between 2018 and 2024. "The minimalist title refers to ink, the substance through which mental images are fixed on paper. The exhibition speaks of seriality and sequentiality. Each artwork is a cell of an organism, tightly connected to the others, forming a coherent and dynamic whole. Significance is attributed not solely to the individual piece, but also to its placement within the series, in relation to the other artworks." - Ioana Marinescu, curator Dan Basu (b. 1983) lives and works in Bucharest. His artistic practice includes installations, photography, drawing, and porcelain. Dan covers a variety of surfaces with textures that seem to flow seamlessly between symbols, asemic writing, and empty forms. Through their structures and abstract imagery, they express ineffable thoughts and ideas, creating order and harmonious color contrasts from chaos. Scemtovici & Benowitz Gallery is hosting the exhibition INK by May 8th, from Thu to Sat 2 - 7pm and Sun 12 - 4pm.