IOMO Gallery

Combinatul Fondului Plastic

Tell us about IOMO Gallery.

IOMO gallery entered the Bucharest cultural scene in May 2021, during the restrictions still imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. The aim of the founder (Florin Petrachi), to make a museum-quality space available to artists, accessible to extremely diverse visual manifestations, from installations, video creations to oil painting or ceramics, materializes with each new exhibition. The participants defining artistic languages, in a permanent movement, find inside the gallery the generous volume and the optimal conditions for a good interaction between the art producer and the consumers, be they children, at their first encounters with the visual language, or collectors, with most extensive knowledge . The youngest creators join established names, in a conscientious approach and commendable perseverance supported by the exhibition program, the gallery thus accumulating, in the first two years of activity, the recognition of the creative community, the acceptance of the other xgalleries and the integration into the cultural body that generates the defining elements of a society undergoing the fastest transformation in human history.

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