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Flori. Groază

With Ioana Ursa
Nature is not cruel, but endlessly cannibalises itself. Every rot becomes compost, every bite - food. All natural ravages are great only in human eyes. He is the only being who feels he had a demented accident at birth. Something has happened, he is in a lion's arena, where everything is wet, dirty and red. Starting from this initial fright, the man tries to clean up the environment, to modify nature to his mind's paradise. After all this, however, when the monstrosity manifests itself (sometimes in dreams, sometimes in reveries), man is terrified. For then the chains fall off and the god makes his appearance again.

Tell us about H'art.

H'art Gallery opened in late 2002, being the second portfolio private-run gallery in Romania. The main goal is to promote young contemporary art and to consolidate the art market environment. The focus is on the generation of artists educated after the fall of the Communist regime in 1989. Adrian Preda, Anca Mureșean, George Anghelescu, Ion Bârlădeanu, Dumitru Gorzo, Gili Mocanu, Tara von Neudorf, Ștefan Ungureanu, Lucian Hrisav, Suzana Dan, Alexandru Paul, Florin Ciulache, Tudor Codre, Marian Zidaru, Victoria Zidaru, Tets Ohnari, Nicolae Comănescu, Vioara Bara, Mircea Ionescu, Giuliano Nardin and Virginia Toma are some of the most active artists that H'art Gallery proudly represents.

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