Teatre / Theatres

Special Event

'Lidi suntem noi' de Kira Valentina si alte lecturi live la cronici de spectacole vazute si nevazute

With Kira Valentina & Alina Grau
Curated by Adriana Gheorghe
Theatres launches its own substack and, for the occasion, some of the authors writing about spectacles, both visible and invisible, will flip the situation and read loud/embody the "about" texts. Featuring Kira Valentina on Liviu Diamandi, Alina Grau on Fictions, my body, Adriana Gheorghe on Theatres a.s.o Most importantly, this is an open call for your own texts and presences.

Tell us about Teatre / Theatres.

Theatres is an artist run space dedicated to performative and interdisciplinary processes. It is hosted by Adriana Gheorghe, Romanian artist working with performance, literature, speculative pedagogy and artistic process curating, at their margin. Theatres is a plural working space, co-hosting affiliated artists (Silvia Costin, Andreea David, Valentina Chiriță, Giles Eldridge, Eliza Trefaș a.o.) and it is open to the public monthly on the occasion of different events. Bd. Schitu Măgureanu no. 21, Bucharest, first floor, the pink one, enter the building hallway, then the second door on the right to the wooden stairs.

What do you have upcoming?

Theatres launches an open call for your own texts and presences, on Thursday evening, April 11th, now and forever.