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OPEN DOORS happening again at COMBINAT! On Thursday, April 11th, marking the start of Bucharest Sculpture Days, we invite you for the 7th time to explore a diverse selection of artworks created by local and international artists. COMBINAT OPEN DOORS 7 will include exhibitions, openings and artists' studios, which will be wide open from 18:00. Open spaces: Senat Gallery, The Institute Space, CFP courtyard - Bucharest Sculpture Days opening, #syzygy | IOMO Gallery, Alexandru Ranga opening | Sector 1 Gallery, Garden of Forking Paths | Nicodim Gallery, Moffat Takadiwa: Vestiges Of Colonialism, ArtSafe, Beaver - Gray Area opening | UNAgaleria, CONEXIUNI 2.24, as well as artists' studios - Bianca Mann, Cătălin Bădărău, Victoria Zidaru, Marian Zidaru and others.

Tell us about The Institute.

In 2021, The Institute opens a space dedicated to young artists within Combinatul Fondului Plastic, thus becoming a member of the community. The space, although initially intended for exhibitions and artistic manifestations of young artists, has also hosted exhibitions of established artists throughout the 2 years. The Institute space aims to promote Romanian artists by showcasing their work in a dedicated space, to promote the creative and cultural potential of Combinatul Fondului Plastic, at local and national level, and attract the general public by organizing Diploma festival and other cultural projects throughout the year.

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