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With Matei Dumitriu
Curated by Cristina Vasilescu
For his second solo exhibition with Suprainfinit Gallery, Matei Dumitriu further expands the medium of painting through a new series of lightboxes, alternating them amongst canvases which jump in and out of reality. Feeding each other from internet-based visual information, the constellation of artworks transforms the gallery space into fragments of meta images whereby non-human elements possess agency and activity. By harnessing the online meme culture towards a heterotopia realm, Matei widens the boundaries between the virtual and the real, the uncanny and the familiar, the accident and the poetic, that have come to define the contemporary mindset. Matei Dumitriu (b. 1995) lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. He completed his studies at the National University of Arts in Bucharest (Painting department). In 2018, he started to incorporate more multimedia layers to his projects, working with digital printing, installation and video, while maintaining a day-to-day painting routine.

Tell us about Suprainfinit.

SUPRAINFINIT gallery highlights conceptual art practices with a focus on Eastern and Central Europe. Driven to support newly commissioned works and large-scale installations, SUPRAINFINIT is a key pillar in the cultural ecosystem of Bucharest. The gallery’s exhibitions and curatorial framework aim to also address a broad international public. We represent emerging and mid-career artists from different cultural backgrounds and approaches to media. Having expanded its curatorial framework with Sequence – a vibrant vitrine project mostly dedicated to site-specific projects, the gallery seeks to engage in a multilayered approach to artistic contexts and contents. The vitrine project is mostly dedicated to young local artists, yet outreaching to international collaborations as well. Parallel to the exhibitions, we place an important emphasis on public programming as a way to expand the curatorial and artistic visions. Suprainfinit heralds the name of a plural and utopian universe created by the artist collective Apparatus 22 in 2015. The gallery was founded by Suzana Vasilescu in September 2015 and is co-directed with the Artistic Director of the gallery, Cristina Vasilescu.

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