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Combinatul Fondului Plastic
Special Event

OPEN DOORS la COMBINAT 7: Garden of Forking Paths

With Vlad Albu, Alexandra Boaru, Maria Brîneț, Celina Cordoș, Matei Emanuel, Dimitrie Luca Gora, Maria Guțu, Darius Iova, Andrei Ispas, Andrei Nuțu, Raluca Pavelescu Mihail Șarpe & Ana Maria Szöllösi
Curated by Cristina Buta & Norbert Filep
Garden of Forking Paths brings together 13 emerging artists belonging to a newer generation, working across different regions in Romania, and Republic of Moldova. In their practices, intimacy, memory, spatiality, social critique and humour play an important role. Engaging in different explorations and instances of emotion translated through various mediums, these artists involve affect in their universe of creation. Drawing its title from the short story The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges, the exhibition proposes to explore the many-worlds in their body of work tapping into a miscellaneous network of approaches and references ranging from popular culture to medieval history, AI or the subconscious. In each of their “gardens”, a particular story is told, from a different perspective, mapping trajectories of inquiry into conventionality and contesting the particular way in which systems of perception come to being.

Tell us about Sector 1.

Founded in 2017, Sector 1 Gallery is a contemporary art gallery placing emphasis on the artist's vision and on the freedom to create. The gallery represents both contemporary and Post avant-garde Romanian artists and develops local and international projects in collaboration with curators and art professionals.

What do you have upcoming?

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Open Doors Combinat event on 11 April, a day when all the art spaces and artist studios welcome you to take a look at their exhibitions and practice!