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Two or Three Graces

With Raymonde Beraud
A sweet spot where thoughts and feeling meet. A guilty pleasure, an indulgence, a small respite from the everyday, an escape: What does it mean to be a painter in this time in history? To choose to put time into creating images that are simply the result of their own execution; time put into paintings that are the consequence of layered inward processes blending into a form most unlinked to anything in particular. Raymonde Beraud (b. Limassol, CY, lives and works in London, UK) studied painting at the Royal College of Art and The Slade School of Fine Art in London. Her works were shown at Kinman Gallery NY, Nicodim LA, Cornucopia Gallery London, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Art Dubai, among others.

Tell us about Sandwich.

Sandwich (2017) is a collective-run gallery that strongly benefits from its all-inclusive view of the art world. Having started by using the hidden potential of a residual space in-between two utilitarian buildings (11 sqm), Sandwich is confident that any restraint is a resource for finding the ultimate solution. Since the beginning, the gallery has been challenging the definition of the art space, as an active environment and engaged instigator of the art world. Alongside exhibitions, Sandwich has triggered art events and performances in which the public is center-stage: Process Terminus, Double Decker. Alongside its representational program, Sandwich is focused on producing site-specific works by both Romanian and international artists: Abraham Cruzvillegas (MX), Mike Nelson (UK), Anaiis Touchot (FR), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Liliana Basarab (RO), Anetta Mona Chișa (RO/SK), Diana Khalilova (UA), Jin Ningning (CN), Martin Zet (CZ), Jorge Peris (SP) & more.

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