Tell us about /SAC.

/SAC Bucharest is a private non-profit initiative positioned as an alternative organism to the organisational trade system and to the public institutional system, with the aim of participating in the (re)contextualisation and the historical update of contemporary independent productions through a set of resources and effective strategies for establishing an unaltered dialogue between the producer and the audience. /SAC works as a transdisciplinary interface of artistic and curatorial collaboration which connects disciplines and services with the purpose of organising the artistic discourse and production, in two different spaces. /SAC @ Berthelot 5 is a context-space of organisation, production, and dissemination in order to establish an authentic relationship with an enganged and informed audience.

What do you have upcoming?

The installation „Exfoliat” stays plugged in until 13.04 and can be visited from Thursday to Saturday, between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. „Exfoliat” mixes and remixes components, images and music from the performative installations from the program Open Context: „Isolation in a series of liminal states”, „F_ _ _ _” and „Volume of a sleep”. 3 years of /SAC @ Malmaison in 33 m3. Three performative installations whose material traces are fused into one projection system. Video-fragments of liminal states, multiplied by juxtaposing elastic fragments from „Volume of a sleep”, pleated ones from „F _ _ _ _” and paragraphs from „Isolation”. 3 years compressed and decomposed into a mechanism of synchronic exfoliation. Installations which have succeeded one another temporally, now overlapped at the same time. Temporal peelings through the curtains. Trampolines instead of screens which multiply the image, which, once deformed, reaches grey pleated curtains. Vests with extracts from „Isolation”, which emphasize the „exfoliation” of the projection and, at the same time, themselves project moving shadows on the curtains. An alternation between static images and film.