Strada Monetăriei 3, București 011216, Romania
Sat. - Sun. 14:00 - 18:00
Guided Tour

Despre sine, cruci și altele

With Mircea Modreanu
Curated by Călina Coman
We welcome you for a guided tour offered by the artist inside the installation space of the gallery situated in the basement of the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, under the Cinema ”Muzeul Țăranului”. "The exhibition is essentially an artist's game. By definition, the game is a symbol of a struggle (with the self, with death, with malevolent external forces, for sheer pleasure - for victory) that can also take on the aspect of an offering. Rarely unintentionally, the game creates the bridge between fantasy and reality. For the artist, the inclination to play has evolved naturally over time. The hide-and-seek among the fir trees with his grandfather as a child, the irresistible desire to complete another video game as a teenager, the trivial, opaque and here and there rambunctious games of his youth, have all stood in the balance with creative play. Death, the ambiguous relationship between man and the transitory, the original community and small discoveries about worlds, cultures and civilizations are some of the offerings and game pieces that Mircea Modreanu transposes into works inspired by the crosses of the Jiu Valley, by the funerary stars with runic inscriptions of Scandinavian origin, including iconographic sequences found on Trajan's Column, thus linking traditions, symbols and motifs in an unusual, dramatic, paradoxically optimistic universe." Proiect cultural co-finanțat de Administrația Fondului Cultural Național.

Tell us about MNTRplusC.

MNTRplusC, opened in 2021, is a space for contemporary art and social dialog, located in the basement of the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, initiated and coordinated in an artist-run system by artist Ilina Schileru. The MNTRplusC program questions stereotypes related to rurality in relation to urbanity and ageism and focuses on identifying the cultural imprints on the periphery of society (and of consumption) and reconsidering them through the prism of artistic experience, and through curatorial and research approach.

What do you have upcoming?

The space at MNTRplusC is currently hosting Mircea Modreanu's exhibition until September 19. We will soon announce a workshop open to the public, held by the artist. Our visiting hours are different from the museum's, as MNTRplusC is artist-run, we are only open to the public on weekends from 2pm to 6pm or for special events such as DoiJoi, art or history classes, conferences and workshops.