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Until the 24th of September, at Combinatul Fondului Plastic @ The Institute, we are happy to present ROMAN TOLICI – Realpolitik, the artist's biggest mixed-media exhibition to date. The exhibition combines three series of works. Negative Flags series consists of video and objects - 240 official flags of various prominent entities in today's politics, made in negative. The second series of works which also gives the title of the exhibition, Realpolitik, comprises more than 300 ink drawings on magazine prints, portraying influential figures from the realm of global politics. The artist has skillfully (un)masked these personalities with an undertone of dark and provocative sensuality, resulting in a deliberate blurring of their identities. This amalgamation culminates in a vividly orchestrated carnival of power, where these characters converge in an orgiastic portrayal that transcends time. The third component of the exhibition, Vertigo, encompasses two video animations, each featuring two potent symbols that have left an indelible mark on modernity, symbols that are intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. The three presented series delve into the various facets of discourses and propaganda that have shaped the philosophies of major political systems. Additionally, they examine the influential figures that have impacted human history up to the present moment. As a result, the exhibition offers an unconventional perspective on global politics by investigating it from uncomfortable angles. The artist's intent with this endeavour is to unveil hidden identities and reveal the true face of Evil. Roman Tolici analyzes the profoundly susceptible essence of humanity while also highlighting the intricate interplay of political symbols, seemingly birthing one another within an unending cycle of manipulation and power exploitation. Address: 29 Băculești Street; Combinatul Fondului Plastic @ The Institute Visiting schedule: Wednesday - Sunday, from 4 PM to 8 PM