Galeria 15 D

Strada Lipscani 63, București 030167, Romania

Corpus Plantisima

With Liliana Basarab & Mara Verghoogt
Curated by Adelina Ivan
The exhibition proposes a dialogue between two artists whose practices explore a mix of scenographic fantasy and social commentary. Fragments of plants are grafted with anatomical parts, which find themselves in a morphological vortex, lost in the intimacy of the material. Ceramics and textiles, moving images, crawling creatures with floral capes and stems with unending limbs - the flowing sap which holds life and connects them to each other. The two artists incorporate in their work representations of hybrid beings, formulated in different mediums such as video, performance, ceramics, textile or drawing. Liliana Basarab imagines a series of chimeras, creatures from the depths, vegetal elements, and overlapping forms and textures that often transform themselves into ironic messages about immediate reality. In Mara Verhoogt’s practice, there is a mixture of entangled life-forms which follow imaginative paths to a paradisiacal universe.

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