Galeria 15 D

Strada Lipscani 63, București 030167, Romania


With Alexandra Cojocaru, Teodora Rotaru & Ioana Jantea
Curated by Moroșanu Dumitrița
In the context of establishing a social construct of gender identity, photography has been the main medium capable of managing these social tensions. Within this framework, Ariella Azoulay creates a space in which any subject, photographer or viewer can gain "citizenship" in the social territory of photography. Photography thus becomes a social contract, a civil pact involving all parties in an ethical and political dialog. The social territory of photography in this exhibition greets you on the red traces made by the artists to guide your gaze on your own perceptions and prejudices related to gender and to engage you in an empathetic and critical dialog with the images presented.

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Our gallery aims to promote interdisciplinary artists, challenging them to explore different artistic mediums. This month, we are pleased to exhibit the work of three first-year students from the Master of Photography program, completing the department's circuit of photographic exhibitions during this period. Our exhibition combines photography and videography, including uses of textiles. After the end of this exhibition, we will be doing maintenance work to prepare the gallery for a new exhibition season, which will begin in the fall.