Elite Art Gallery

Piața Națiunile Unite 3-5, Bloc B2, Parter, București 040012
Mon – Fri 11:00 – 19:00

Curcubeul Întunericului

With Mihai Bara
Curated by Ioana Mirică with a special guest from prof. dr. Marius Tița & music by Elvis Buruiană
The exhibition offers a captivating view of the human journey, starting from the inner darkness and reaching the light emanating from each individual.

Tell us about Elite Art Gallery.

Elite Art Gallery began its exhibition journey in 2003, when the first edition of the art residency in Balchik was organised at the Royal Palace of Queen Mary. For over 20 years, Elite Art has brought to the Romanian art scene over 250 art exhibitions, involving over 300 artists. Among the artists who exhibited in the gallery, we find important names of contemporary Romanian art: Felix Aftene, Ilie Boca, Horea Cucerzan, Marcel Lupșe, Doina Mihăilescu, Cristian Dițoiu, Manuell Mănăstireanu, George Mircea, Laurențiu Midvichi, Marilena. Murariu, Ion Grigore, Prolog Group (Constantin Flondor, Horea Paştina, Mihai Sârbulescu, Ion Grigorescu, Christian Paraschiv), Rodica Crîșmaru, Ana-Maria Ariciu, Andreea-Gabriela Tudor, Bogdan Sassu, Gizella Popescu, Alex Manea, Nadejda Lungu, Daniela Donțu-Hașcevoi. In a welcoming space of 84 square meters, Elite Art promotes art, in various forms and expressions: two-dimensional and three-dimensional, realistic or abstract, conventional or unconventional, organising annually at least 12 personal or group exhibitions on various themes. As part of the Elite Art Association, Elite Art Gallery has built, over its 21 years of existence, a solid portfolio aimed at supporting the universality and accessibility of art for the benefit of art lovers.

What do you have upcoming?

Between May 7th and May 31st 2024, Elite Art Gallery hosts the personal exhibition of the artist Mihai Bara, entitled "Dark Rainbow", curated by Ioana Mirică. The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 9, starting at 6:00 p.m., and will have Prof. Dr. Marius Tița as guest. The opening will be a special evening, where the guests will have the opportunity to discover not only the works of the artist, but also to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, with a musical moment performed by the accordionist Elvis Buruiană. The exhibition includes a series of works, which synthesize a universe full of metaphors and symbols, created by the artist in the last two years.