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A Through Limits. A Stretch Through Edges

With Bianca-Maria Popa & Eva Chapkin
Curated by Anne-Marie Lolea
"The contour of each body, organic or inorganic, plays a defining role in its functionality. Based on this premise, the link between function and appearance can act as a constraint in the relationship between man and his environment. The exhibition Through Limits. A Stretch Through Edges proposes a discourse on the restructuring of the convention by which we view bodies and objects, examining, from a dual perspective, the modification of the usefulness of bodies based on the attribution of new, human characteristics. The way we look at a plate that has suddenly grown eyes or a puppet that seems to have cut the strings of the puppeteer is determined by the recalibration of the power relation between the two parts, generating an atypical interaction between viewer and object. In this context, mention should be made of the "encounter with the other" mentioned by Jean-Paul Sartre in "Being and Nothingness": having been placed before the personified object, to which the gaze and, implicitly, consciousness are attributed, the human self, defined as subjectivity, is de-centred and becomes, in turn, the object of perception. The power of looking at the object is formative and takes on the role of structuring the relationship with the person in question. Through human gaze and characteristics, the function of the object is redefined, so that new questions arise about how we should relate to objects. Do we try to communicate with them, do we care for them more, do we allow ourselves to be dominated by them, or do they maintain their same status? ." excerpt from the curatorial text

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