Bd. Carol 53
By appointment

Tell us about Celula.

Celula de Artă is an independent cultural project, born from the desire to promote contemporary art creators. Celula's story began with a storefront space at 53 Carol I Boulevard, used in the past as an exotic fish store, and then as a warehouse - it's not really a myth, but rather a founding anecdote. In 2017, at the initiative of Daniel Loagăr and other artists, the space was remodeled and transformed into an unconventional art gallery, accessible non-stop to the general public.

What do you have upcoming?

Currently in Celula de Artă (B-dul Carol no. 53) it is showcased the collection accumulation III exhibition by artist Daniel Loagăr, the third instalment of a collective project that aims to present the perspective of an organic collection, without a structure but well undertaken by its owner.