Calciu Space

Atelierele Scanteia
Atelierele Scanteia, Corp A2, Piața Presei Libere 1, București 013701, Romania
Thur.-Sat. 16-20

Tell us about Calciu Space.

Calciu Space is one of the 3 exhibition spaces at Atelierele Scânteia, alongside founding members SwitchLab and Galeria Posibilă. Atelierele Scânteia is an artists' hub run by artists, managed and designed to provide affordable long-term, high-ceilinged and bright spaces suitable for artists' sudios and exhibition spaces. spaces for artists' studios and galleries.

What do you have upcoming?

Delia A. Prodan's solo exhibition, Thinking About You As I Am Repairing Your Ugly Kitchen Floor, currently on view at the gallery.