Atelierele Scânteia

Atelierele Scanteia
Atelierele Scanteia, Corp A2, Piața Presei Libere 1, București 013701, Romania
Thur.-Sat. 16-20

Tell us about Atelierele Scânteia.

Atelierele Scânteia is an artists' hub run by artists, managed and designed to provide affordable long-term, high-ceilinged and bright spaces suitable for artists' sudios and exhibition spaces. We're located in one of Bucharest's most iconic buildings, The House of the Free Press, which initially was named Casa Scânteii. The project was initiated in 2023 by SwitchLab alongside a couple of visual artists and Galeria Posibilă. Within Atelierele Scânteia there are 12 artist studios (Elena Bădiulescu; Dumitrița Răzlog; Mischa Blanos - Cristi Cons; Michele Bressan - Dani Ghercă - Nicu Ilfoveanu - Alexandru Paul; Vlad Albu; Clara Caradimu - Teodor Georgescu; Roxana Morar - Anca Tintea; Teodora Gavrilă - Cladiu Lazăr - Luciana Zeca; Andrei Arion; Albert Kaan and Andrei Predescu) and 3 exhibition spaces (SwitchLab, Galeria Posibilă and Calciu Space).

What do you have upcoming?

Atelierele Scânteia hosts 12 artist studios, where local artists develop their regular practice. Alongside the neighbouring exhibition spaces within the project, they regularly open their doors to the public. Each space organises itself, including hosting various art related events from time to time.