Tell us about Anaid.

Anaid Art Gallery's history begins 19 years ago, in 2004, being founded by art historian and curator Diana Dochia. Located in a house in old Bucharest, in the Rond Coșbuc area, near the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Anaid Art Gallery was to be the third private gallery in the capital, becoming in a very short time a reference name in the contemporary art landscape and one of the initiators of the Romanian contemporary art market. In the course of 19 years the gallery has held over 200 exhibitions both at the gallery's headquarters and in partnership with various galleries in Romania and abroad or with cultural centres and museums in Romania and other countries such as Hungary, Poland, Germany. The gallery's activity has been accompanied by a thorough research and documentation of the contemporary Romanian artistic phenomenon, which has often resulted in the publication of exhibition catalogues or monographic catalogues of the artists represented. Since 2015 Anaid Art Gallery has also opened a gallery in Berlin, the capital of European contemporary art.

What do you have upcoming?

Upcoming exhibitions will be announced soon.