Combinatul Fondului Plastic
Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Strada Băiculești nr. 29.

O aruncare de zaruri (nu va aboli nicicând hazardul)

With Zari Avramovici, Răzvan Bungărdean, Irina Cîmpeanu, Ștefania Cojocaru, Raluca Drăghici, Robert Enache, Sânziana Georgescu, Adnana Grecu, Necatria Guraliuc, Ana Guță, Abdulwahab Hamza, Georgiiana Petrulianu, Tiberiu Necula, Cătălina Nistor, Andra Victoria Popescu, Sorana Scorțea, Mihai Stanciu, Andrei Cristian Stoica, Isabelle Tinu & Oana Zbanț
Inspired by the eponymous poem by the French symbolist Stephane Mallarmé, "O aruncare de zaruri" proposes an exploration of the haphazard and the absurd through collage and assemblage works made in various techniques. The artists' works enter into a dialogue punctuated with dissonant notes, transforming into a contemplation of the profoundly absurd aspects of everyday reality. The uncertainty of tomorrow and the accelerated lack of lucidity on a collective level leave an open door for interaction with the so-called "madness" suggested by the juxtapositions and overlaps specific to the techniques approached by the artists in the exhibition.

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